Cultura Fish Announces Launch of Its Official Website, Supported by Officience Vietnam

Cultura Fish is proud to announce the launch of its official website,, available in both Vietnamese and English. The website has been generously sponsored and developed by Officience Vietnam, a pioneer in software outsourcing in the Vietnamese market. Cultura Fish believes that technology is a vital tool for preserving and disseminating cultural heritage to a broader audience.

Cultura Fish extends its deepest gratitude to Officience Vietnam for selecting it as their first “culture-related project” to sponsor. The Cultura Fish team appreciates the time and effort the Officience team has dedicated to creating the website. During the development process, the members of Officience grew fond of traditional music and took pride in contributing to the promotion of cultural heritage.

Ms. Thanh Tâm, Project Manager at Officience, commented on the project’s success: “The Officience team is delighted that the project was completed on schedule. Our team members learned a lot during the project and are excited about Cultura Fish’s upcoming plans. We look forward to an offline meeting when the pandemic situation stabilizes.”

Due to the constraints imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the design, construction, and acceptance testing of the website were conducted entirely online. However, sharing a common goal of celebrating Vietnamese culture allowed Officience and Cultura Fish to collaborate effectively, looking forward to future in-person engagements.

To celebrate the website launch, Cultura Fish is pleased to offer a free course titled “Decoding the Great Bội Ritual” from the “Hát Bội 101” project. This course enables participants to confidently attend traditional performances and understand the philosophical foundations of our ancestors. Cultura Fish hopes to accompany you on your journey to explore traditional culture and unravel personal identity.

About Officience Vietnam

Founded in 2006, Officience has been a French pioneer in the software outsourcing market in Vietnam, offering four main services: information technology, data processing, image editing, and design. The company prioritizes community projects, contributing to the cultural and social development of Vietnam. These are the core values that Officience continually pursues and aims to expand in the future.

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