Cultura Fish is delighted to announce the successful online celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival through the event “Moonlit Mat Session,” which exceeded expectations with enthusiastic participation from the audience. Born from the desire to extend the joy from our internal event “Singing on the Waves,” the online celebration was organized in just over a week yet unfolded smoothly and warmly, enriching the festive spirit.

The joy was magnified as most participants stayed until the very last moment. Some had to temporarily leave the meeting but rejoined shortly after, ensuring they didn’t miss out on this cozy gathering of knowledge and art. Cultura Fish sincerely appreciates everyone who supported and joined us for this event.

Multifaceted Reflections on the Mid-Autumn Festival

Guided by researcher Lê Hải Đăng, the event on the evening of September 19, 2021, took us from familiar territories to distant universes concerning the Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally tied to the lunar calendar and ancient time-keeping, the festival quickly manifested in material culture, beliefs, and eventually the realms of creativity and aesthetics. Each country, even within the same cultural sphere, adapts this festival uniquely, creating distinctive celebration styles. Even within a single national territory, each region tailors the Mid-Autumn Festival to have its own “copyrighted” version. From the familiar figures of Cuội, Lady Hằng, and the Jade Rabbit to the small mooncake encapsulating a vast network of related pastries, and even the lovely lanterns originating from ancient weaving crafts, all were explored during the event via Google Meet.

Music Also Tells a Tale of the Moon

The event wasn’t just a gathering of knowledge; “Moonlit Mat Session,” as poetic as its name, was imbued with the musical atmosphere of artisans Sáu Hưng and Song Oanh. Traditional Mid-Autumn compositions like Liễu Thuận Nương, Lạc Âm Thiều, Kim Tiền, and Phẩm Tuyết filled the virtual space, blurring the lines between the digital meeting and a traditional artistic gathering complete with instruments, tea, and wine. Furthermore, a special performance titled “Moon” by Lê Hải Đăng and his daughter Từ Trân brought a slice of childhood sky to the attendees.

A Tapestry of Cultural Intersections

“Moonlit Mat Session,” drawing from an old folk verse (Laying mats under the moonlight/ For him to read and her to spin yarn/ Keep the threads tight/ Even if scattered, wait for the one), created an atmosphere rich in lyricism and warmth, aligning with Cultura Fish’s expectations. While not explicitly stated, one could deeply feel the passion and immersive engagement with national and global cultures by researcher Lê Hải Đăng; the deep friendship and shared destiny in art by artisans Sáu Hưng and Song Oanh; and more broadly, the young and ‘nearly young’ attendees’ eagerness to broaden their horizons. The phrase “laying mats side by side” decoded the intersection of individuals at the event, united in their passion for beauty—beauty in knowledge, emotions, and even in the etiquette of civilized conduct.

Naturally, in any event, some minor oversights, both objective and subjective, are inevitable. Cultura Fish looks forward to feedback from participants and hopes to continue this journey with you. In celebration of Mid-Autumn, Cultura Fish offers a playlist from the “Moonlit Mat Session,” featuring the pieces performed. We wish you a peaceful and warm Moon Festival.

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