From November 22-26, 2023, Cultura Fish attended the Asian Youth Theatre Festival (AYTF) in Iloilo City (Philippines) and gave their all in various performances, workshops, and side activities.

During the 5 days at AYTF, along with international friends from 13 countries, Team Cá:

  • Enjoyed 20 theatrical performances
  • Attended 11 workshops on diverse topics ranging from performing arts to cultural introductions of various countries
  • Conducted a 120-minute workshop introducing the art of Vietnamese Hát Bội to over 80 international friends
  • Participated in the rehearsal and performance of a collaborative piece for AYTF’s closing ceremony
  • Took part in AYTF side events such as Asian Village (cultural performance introductions), a street parade in Iloilo to promote AYTF, and sold Hát Bội stickers to raise funds for AYTF 2024

Performances and Workshops at AYTF

Seeing it all written down, it’s clear how persistent Team Cá has been to participate in every activity at AYTF. Those were days of waking up very early, returning very late, always tired but incredibly happy. We experienced a wide range of emotions with performances under the theme “Weaving Hope” – AYTF 2023’s theme. We learned many great ideas from other countries’ workshops to apply to Team Cá’s future activities. Notably, Cultura Fish sparked curiosity about Vietnamese Hát Bội among friends from across Asia and invited them to try the dance moves of this art form. The atmosphere at that workshop was incredibly lively, and for two days after, Team Cá continued to receive praise and encouragement from attendees.

Moreover, while watching performances, attending workshops, and engaging in cultural exchanges, Cultura Fish members also had to find time to create and rehearse the collaborative performance for the closing night (November 26). Team members collaborated on music with fellow performers based on the knowledge gained from the “Phong hoa ca vịnh” project. They wore áo dài and brought papier-mâché masks painted to resemble Hát Bội characters.

Cultura Fish Members in the AYTF Closing Performance

Stay tuned for our next update where we will share in detail about the Hát Bội dance workshop conducted by Cultura Fish!


About the Asian Youth Theatre Festival (AYTF) was first initiated in 2016 with the aim of bringing change to the Asian region. AYTF attracts participation from cultural, artistic, and educational organizations, and young artists in the region. Each AYTF season is typically held in a different Asian city and lasts up to four days, featuring performances, dialogues, and workshops. Through these activities, young artists have the opportunity to discuss the creative process with their peers.

This year, the University of San Agustin (through USA Little Theater) hosted the Asian Youth Theatre Festival (AYTF) in the coastal city of Iloilo (Philippines). From November 22-26, 2023, AYTF with the theme “Weaving Hope” is expected to bring numerous cultural exchange activities, workshops, and diverse performances from 13 representatives from Asian countries: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Cultura Fish (Hiếu Văn Ngư): Established in 2020, Cultura Fish is a group dedicated to the research, application, and creation of culture and arts. With a multidisciplinary approach spanning areas such as education, visual arts, music, history and culture, sports, and culinary arts, the activities of Cultura Fish often touch the hearts of participants. Some notable projects include “Hát bội 101,” “Phong hoa ca vịnh,” and educational programs using role-playing storytelling techniques. Additionally, Cultura Fish collaborates with both domestic and international partners like ICHCAP-UNESCO, the British Council Vietnam, and the Asian Youth Theatre Festival (AYTF).

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