Over more than three months of collaboration, Hiếu Văn Ngư and Hoàng Bảo have brought a series of exciting content.

Starting from Hoàng Bảo’s desire to practice various artistic materials, after a period of consideration and preparation, in December 2023, Team Cá officially announced their collaboration. Using musical materials provided by Hoàng Bảo (compositions, harmonies, arrangements, performances) and his graphic design skills, Team Cá leveraged their expertise (project management, scriptwriting, space and lighting setup, video production, musical performance, media, event organization) to create fresh content. This creative journey has revealed more of Team Cá’s presence on media channels and brought exciting challenges for artist Hoàng Bảo as he combines music with other artistic elements.

Let’s take a look at the “tricks” we’ve come up with recently:

📌 Music-Story Livestream Series “Lo chuyện gì”: Combining storytelling and musical performance to narrate the thrilling adventures of a wandering artist in the land of Trivia. The content has been broadcast on Hiếu Văn Ngư’s YouTube channel.

📌 Music Video Series “Xếp u hoài cất vào lòng”: Featuring 11 acoustic-style music videos of compositions by Hoàng Bảo, performed with a “premium” guitar from Hiếu Văn Ngư members. This content has been released on Hoàng Bảo’s YouTube channel.

📌 Interdisciplinary Educational Program “Những dòng chảy ngẫu hứng”: In this program, invited by Team Cá, artist Hoàng Bảo guided 6th graders on how to “sing” with images. He also participated in the Ba Tri (Bến Tre) field trip and performed in the campfire program with Hiếu Văn Ngư members.

📌 Music Videos for the compositions “Đã lâu rồi,” “Thước phim thời niên thiếu,” “Lý dĩa bánh bò”: These have been and will be released on Hoàng Bảo’s YouTube channel.

Hiếu Văn Ngư sincerely thanks artist Hoàng Bảo for trusting and choosing to accompany Team Cá during this time. We wish him smooth sailing and abundant joy in his upcoming journeys.

In addition to the efforts from Team Cá and artist Hoàng Bảo, this journey could not have been completed so successfully without the support and sincere feedback from our friends. We deeply appreciate every comment and message you’ve given us! Stay tuned for new projects that Team Cá will soon announce!

Best regards,

Hiếu Văn Ngư – Cultura Fish

About the Artists:

Hoàng Bảo: A versatile artist exploring all facets of music. The audience may have known his compositions such as “Hoàng hôn,” “Hồn hoang,” “Đã lâu rồi,” “Chuyện nắng,” “Yêu rồi đấy,” “Trái giờ,” or his role in arranging and producing music like “Chàng trai sơ mi hồng,” “Cầu hôn,” “Sài Gòn đau lòng quá,” “Hôm nay tôi cô đơn quá,” “Đốt,” “Một ngày hay trăm năm,” “Thôi miên,”… He also created music for the floral exhibition “Sến sẩm.”

Hiếu Văn Ngư: Established in 2020, Hiếu Văn Ngư (Cultura Fish) is a group dedicated to research, application, and cultural-artistic creativity. With a multifaceted approach to fields such as education, visual arts, music, history-culture, sports, cuisine, and performance, Hiếu Văn Ngư’s activities often touch the hearts of participants. Some projects include “Hát Bội 101,” “Phong Hoa Ca Vịnh,” and educational programs using role-playing storytelling. Hiếu Văn Ngư also collaborates with domestic and international partners such as ICHCAP-UNESCO, British Council Vietnam, and the Asian Youth Theatre Festival (AYTF).

Contact Information:

For more information about Hiếu Văn Ngư, please contact:

▪️ Hà Thúc Đức Tùng (0934 848 800 | Email: [email protected])