Hiếu Văn Ngư presents a playlist featuring 13 pieces of Phú Lễ Sắc Bùa Singing Art (Bến Tre), recorded during our recent field trip.

“Năm nay tòng bá hiệp trùng
Phụ tùng phu xướng cửa nhà bình yên
Tam tai khống khứ, tống ra khỏi làng
Tống cho ra khỏi thôn trang…”
(from the song “Giã từ”)

Sắc bùa singing in Southern Vietnam, now only surviving in Phú Lễ village, Bến Tre, is a comprehensive performing art with two independent parts: a ritualistic, congratulatory section and a purely artistic performance. From New Year’s Eve until the 7th of January, Sắc bùa troupes of 4-12 people move around singing on the “stage” of village roads to announce their presence. Upon entering a home, the troupe sings blessings and performs ritual chants; once the ritual concludes, they entertain the hosts with folk songs and verses upon request. The presence of the Sắc bùa troupe, with their lively drums, clappers, and sanh tiền, brings a joyous atmosphere to both the hosts and the entire area where their voices reach.


  • Book: “Đặc khảo về sắc bùa”. Trung tâm Văn hóa TP.HCM, published in 2000.
  • Article: “Du ca trên những nẻo đường quê”. Researcher: Lê Hải Đăng.

As is customary, as Tết approaches, Hiếu Văn Ngư shares a playlist for the new year. This time, we bring you a playlist of 13 pieces of Phú Lễ Sắc Bùa Singing Art (Bến Tre), recorded during our recent field trip. We hope that the vibrant sounds of drums, clappers, sanh tiền, and the songs filled with new year wishes will make your spring a bit more joyful.

Enjoy the playlist here: YouTube Playlist.

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