Highly recommended publication to read during Tet holidays.

Bài viết có phiên bản [tiếng Việt].

If you’re looking for a publication to read for this Tết season, we would highly recommend this book called “A Special Edition on Tết” (Việt title: Đặc khảo về Tết) from researcher Huỳnh Ngọc Trảng. This book was published during the year 2018 when the discussion of “whether should the country merge Western and Lunar New year together?” was hugely debated on all forums (We won’t disclose the perspective of the book but you’re welcome to read it yourself). 

The thing We appreciate from this book is how Tết is assessed under different aspects: historically, culturally, traditionally, etc. and then further investigate how Tết has become. You’ll be surprised to know that the holiday used to be celebrated in August instead, but then through many disruptive historical events that we’ve come to this current date of celebration. You’ll be introduced to others customs of the holiday, as well as the games, food, and floral decorations. Reading this book can make you fully understand where was this tradition coming from? What is it all about? You’ll get to ask yourself the reason why we’re following traditions and how it can be transformed into a different way for this contemporary life.

Words and photo by Luc Nhi

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