Articles, images, and videos by Cultura Fish about the characters in Vietnamese hát bội art are currently on display in Busan (South Korea).

These materials by Cultura Fish, showcasing the character models in Vietnamese hát bội art, are being exhibited at the “Alternative Identities: Masks of ASEAN & Korea” exhibition from April 26 to July 23, 2023, in Busan (South Korea). This exhibition, organized by ICHCAP-UNESCO and KF ACH, aims to introduce the intangible cultural heritage related to masks/face painting from Korea and the 10 Southeast Asian countries through more than 200 masks, costumes, and multimedia content (articles, images, videos).

Besides the displayed content, the organizers at ICHCAP-UNESCO and KF ACH have thoughtfully used tò he (a traditional Vietnamese toy) to model hát bội characters based on originals created by actors from the Hồ Chí Minh City Hát Bội Art Theater in a previous archiving project with Cultura Fish. Additionally, the exhibition features a miniature hát bội stage modeled after the Ngọc Khanh Hát Bội – Traditional Opera Art Troupe stage, as introduced in the “Hát bội 101” project trailer by Cultura Fish.

Although Cultura Fish cannot attend the exhibition in person, we greatly appreciate South Korea’s efforts to promote Vietnamese hát bội. If you are in Busan or planning to visit South Korea, do not miss this fascinating exhibition on behalf of Team Cá! If you can’t visit in person, stay tuned for updates when the exhibition is available on the Google Art & Culture platform!

The “Alternative Identities: Masks of ASEAN & Korea” exhibition (tentative translation) is organized by ICHCAP-UNESCO (International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO) and the Korea Foundation ASEAN Culture House (ACH) from April 26 to July 23, 2023. The exhibition will then continue in Andong and Seoul from September 2023.

The exhibition consists of five sections: The first part introduces the origins of masks and the forms of religious (shaman) and entertainment practices using masks; the second part covers Southeast Asian legends and masks through folk tales; the third part showcases Vietnamese hát bội as a performance art that uses face-painting techniques (similar to masks); the fourth part introduces Filipino masks in festivals and contemporary works; and the fifth part features the Korean Talchum art.


Cultura Fish (Hiếu Văn Ngư): Established in 2020, Cultura Fish is a group dedicated to the research, application, and creation of culture and arts. With a multidisciplinary approach spanning areas such as education, visual arts, music, history and culture, sports, and culinary arts, the activities of Cultura Fish often touch the hearts of participants. Some notable projects include “Hát bội 101,” “Phong hoa ca vịnh,” and educational programs using role-playing storytelling techniques. Additionally, Cultura Fish collaborates with both domestic and international partners like ICHCAP-UNESCO, the British Council Vietnam, and the Asian Youth Theatre Festival (AYTF).

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