Cultura Fish has successfully uploaded a collection of lullabies, work songs, and lyrical melodies from the “Phong Hoa Ca Vịnh” project onto ichLinks – a platform dedicated to intangible cultural heritage in the Asia-Pacific region. With permission from the British Council, which sponsored the first season of the “Phong Hoa Ca Vịnh” project, and with enthusiastic support from ICHCAP-UNESCO, Cultura Fish has compiled, translated (Vietnamese to English), and shared 35 recordings consisting of 15 lullabies, 10 work songs, and 10 lyrical melodies of Southern Vietnam.

Accompanying the recordings are descriptions penned by researcher Lê Hải Đăng for the “Phong Hoa Ca Vịnh” project, along with English translations by Hà Hoàng Minh Trang, a member of Cultura Fish.

The “Phong Hoa Ca Vịnh” project on the ichLinks platform features bilingual descriptions in English and Vietnamese. Click here to view.

With ichLinks, audiences can directly listen to the recordings or watch lyric videos, and also explore an introduction to Southern Vietnamese performing arts, specifically the styles of lullabies, work songs, and lyrical music.

Experience the Southern Vietnamese Lullabies on ichLinks

  • To enjoy the Southern Vietnamese lullabies, access the following link:

  • To delve into Southern Vietnamese work songs, click here:

  • For the lyrical melodies of Southern Vietnam, visit:

We hope these 35 recordings will resonate as clear echoes of childhood memories and the reverberating sounds of the past; they also aim to be a rewarding experience for those who immerse themselves in the soulful melodies of the land. The support from our audiences, both local and international, will be a tremendous motivation for Cultura Fish to continue on our journey of documenting and preserving traditional culture!

ICHCAP-UNESCO: International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific region under UNESCO.

ichLinks: Launched by ICHCAP-UNESCO in 2020, it focuses on developing a platform for sharing information about intangible cultural heritage in the Asia-Pacific region.

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