The idea of creating Cultura Fish was sparked in the beginning of 2020, but not until the end of the year that our team was officially formed and active in UNESCO’s competition TechCul Initiative.

TechCul’s competition is geared towards individuals or organisations that apply technology to preserve intangible cultural assets during the context of covid, and if you view the video’s title below then you must recognise which theme we enrolled under! We signed up to the competition with the project “Hát Bội 101”- bringing hát bội into contemporary life with the help of technology”. Going through a list of 443 competitors from 34 different countries, Cultura Fish has achieved ICHCAP ichLinks Prize.

You can view the full list of TechCul winners at this link

After the competition (January, 2021), based on the content foundation, Cultura Fish has planned to organise demo classes of Hát Bội 101, went on field trips, composing content for “telling tuồng” series, and also brewing more ideas in the future to bring “hát bội” as well as its beautiful value to the people who appreciate from the past, future, and present.

We would like to invite you to watch the video “Hát Bội 101” that Cultura Fish used to compete in the TechCul competition back in January, 2021.

Words by: Huyên và Nhi.