From December 29, 2021, to January 12, 2022, Cultura Fish successfully organized the online course “Hát Bội 101: Cắc rụp tịch tang”.

Guided by instructor and researcher Vương Hoài Lâm, “Cắc rụp tịch tang” provided a structured approach to appreciating the art of Hát Bội, tailored for audiences with a modern and sincere perspective.

The “Hát Bội 101: Cắc rụp tịch tang” course consisted of six sessions, each covering different topics, starting with concepts familiar to the audience, such as theater and cinema, to gradually introduce the art of Hát Bội. The art form itself was examined from various angles, including script analysis, history, and performance techniques, to ensure newcomers to this traditional art form do not feel overwhelmed.

Instructor Vương Hoài Lâm meticulously dissected the art of Hát Bội from multiple perspectives: scriptwriting, performance techniques, music, and more. Beyond Hát Bội, students also received guidance and engaged in discussions on related arts such as traditional Cải Lương theater.

Describing himself as a “long-time theatergoer and lover of Hát Bội” with modesty, instructor Vương Hoài Lâm shared his deep concerns and thoughts about the future of Hát Bội and how audiences can contribute to its sustainability. His logical lectures, combined with heartfelt sentiments, provided unforgettable experiences for the students. Despite the physical distance of an online Zoom class, the connection remained strong as students actively participated, asking questions, discussing, and expressing gratitude toward the instructor. It is hoped that the knowledge and emotions from the “Hát Bội 101: Cắc rụp tịch tang” class will accompany the students on their journey of appreciating Hát Bội.


  • Article: Lục Nhi
  • Images: from the class archive
  • Cover image design: Dương Trương
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