The event “Tiếp mạch phong quang” on the evening of Saturday, July 22, 2023, marked the culmination of this three-year project and offered the audience a journey through 15 performances, exploring the emotional depth and nuances of the soul.

Launched in May 2021, the “Phong hoa ca vịnh” project was systematically carried out through three components: Archiving, Teaching, and Application. After the success of the Archiving and Teaching components, Cultura Fish introduced the Application component in May 2023. This phase included activities such as engaging with heritage practices (folk songs and lullabies), foundational composition courses, and performances. The event “Tiếp mạch phong quang” on the evening of Saturday, July 22, 2023, marked the culmination of this three-year project.

The phrase “Phong hoa ca vịnh,” borrowed from the poem “Cổ Gia Định phong cảnh vịnh,” though its authorship remains unknown, has been preserved in many collections. This project aimed to preserve and nurture the enduring cultural spirit of the southern region, a sentiment echoed by Lê Quý Đôn in “Phủ biên tạp lục.” “Tiếp mạch phong quang” thus represented a continuation and expansion of the region’s rich verbal traditions.

Driven by the simple joy of “Experiencing the landscape’s charm/Reciting and singing to enrich the spirit,” “Tiếp mạch phong quang” offered the audience a journey through 15 performances, exploring the emotional depth and nuances of the soul. This event provided attendees—an audience of kindred spirits—the first glimpse of many works publicly performed for the first time, including some debut pieces by authors from the class “Phong hoa ca vịnh – Practical application component, using folk heritage in composition.”

These 15 performances showcased the diverse backgrounds of nearly 30 students who shared a common interest in traditional singing and storytelling forms. Their backgrounds varied widely in profession, age, personality, and life experiences, yet they united in their genuine, straightforward expression.

The advisory board and project artists, including Cultura Fish, performed during the night of “Tiếp mạch phong quang.” The event served as a metaphorical boat, guiding the audience through the Southern region’s life stream with songs, melodies, and lullabies that resonated with love for the land and its people. More than just a musical event, it was a space where spoken word, poetry, and solo dramatic performances converged, enriched by visually stunning effects. Each piece performed was a true reflection of the ongoing interpretation and expression by the authors and students.

  • Significant support from the behind-the-scenes team was crucial to the event’s success. Composer and Researcher Lê Hải Đăng played a pivotal advisory role, refining and motivating the participants and performing alongside most student-authors. 
  • Artists Sáu Hưng and Song Oanh facilitated engagement with the heritage of folk songs, melodies, and lullabies, infusing the performances with ancestral sentiments and meanings. 
  • Vương Hoài Lâm provided endless inspiration from folk literature, particularly folk songs foundational to traditional singing and storytelling, while guiding the students in preparing and staging their experimental works. 
  • Special thanks also to the British Council and the “Connected Heritage” project for their invaluable support of “Phong hoa ca vịnh” and “Tiếp mạch phong quang,” as well as Vườn Thảo Điền for sponsoring the venue, contributing to a warm, immersive, and inspiring evening.
  • Finally, deep gratitude is extended to team Cultura Fish and all participants, instructors, and crew involved in “Tiếp mạch phong quang.” Their collective efforts helped extend and share the cultural heritage of generations past in a contemporary context. As its name suggests, while “Tiếp mạch phong quang” may conclude the “Phong hoa ca vịnh” project, it continues to inspire and engage the Cultura Fish team and countless kindred spirits.

Thank you sincerely, and we look forward to our next encounter!

Cultura Fish (Hiếu Văn Ngư): Established in 2020, Cultura Fish is a group dedicated to the research, application, and creation of culture and arts. With a multidisciplinary approach spanning areas such as education, visual arts, music, history and culture, sports, and culinary arts, the activities of Cultura Fish often touch the hearts of participants. Some notable projects include “Hát bội 101,” “Phong hoa ca vịnh,” and educational programs using role-playing storytelling techniques. Additionally, Cultura Fish collaborates with both domestic and international partners like ICHCAP-UNESCO, the British Council Vietnam, and the Asian Youth Theatre Festival (AYTF).

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